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May 2013


Ignorance breeds fear: More PATRIOT Act please!

Two deeply religious brothers born outside the US move to Boston, and after living there a while, they have a powerful religious experience that causes them to believe they are meant to act on behalf of the almighty, serving swift and righteous justice to people they consider “evil.” So, after arming themselves to the teeth,… Keep Reading


Innocence Lost

The guy tried to force his tongue in my mouth. “No,” I said, jerking my head away from his. “You can do that other stuff, but I ain’t gonna let you do that.” “Come on,” he insisted in strange irregular breaths, as he tried to strong-arm my slight fifty-six inch frame back towards him. “It’ll… Keep Reading


PROFILE: Ron Pierce: a man with many purses

A field of nine horses and all the pacers are at the post. It is the 2008 Meadowlands Pace. The audience is about to witness a world-record upset. Off they go. Mucho Sleezy, Somebeachsomewhere, World-Record then, and Art Official fight for the lead. After a quarter Art Official goes to the front on the outside.… Keep Reading


Hippotherapy helps children with disabilities

“Twinkle twinkle little star,” sang a little girl during her first horseback ride. Out of context this is unextraordinary but this little girl had never spoken a word in her life before that bright and cloudless day. The little girl was invited to the farm by its’ owners, Laurie Landy and her husband, to participate… Keep Reading


LGBT students seek shift in campus climate

Henry Hicks was writing an e-mail blast in the Phi Theta Kappa office, part of his regular duties as vice-president of communications for the honors society, when he heard shouting coming from the Student Activities Hall. Soon, several students from various clubs were outside their offices, and it became clear that a conflict was escalating.… Keep Reading

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