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Don’t hate your job, get a degree and a better job

If you’ve ever hated your job, this article is for you. Stop sacrificing your dignity in order to meet someone else’s bullshit definition of “work ethic.” Is there a point to working when neither the responsibilities nor salary are motivating? Hell no. Those who dauntlessly show up for their 40 hour per week beating silently… Keep Reading



Jean-Luc, on the threshold of adolescence, sulked into an overwhelmingly proper office. A stern old man with solemn eyes, magnified by heavy spectacles, bade him sit at a formidably exquisite desk of mahogany. A lavender envelope bearing his name lay before him. Jean-Luc inhaled the familiar fragrance of lilac before he slit it open with… Keep Reading


Gandhi Garden is one of SAGE Coalition projects in Trenton that uses art to change the city’s appearance

Artwork made exclusively out of skateboard parts was featured at an exhibit called “Hit the Deck” on March 8 in Trenton. The show was sponsored by the SAGE Coalition, a Trenton-based non-profit led by local teens and twenty-somethings whose mission is to “remind those in economically depressed neighborhoods that unity and pride can thrive through… Keep Reading

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