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April 2013


The new MyMercer portal has been launched as part of the Project NASA

MyMercer, MCCC’s online portal for students, has been updated for future semesters beginning with Summer 2013. Project NASA is the name given to the project that involves switching the system that students currently use to log in, check grades, make payments, etc. The new portal, which is actually called “Colleague” (comparable to “Blackboard”), went live… Keep Reading


Mercer offers enough parking for students

Mercer’s parking lots are awesome. To think otherwise is ridiculous, illogical, and does nothing more than perpetuate the mindset of instant gratification that plagues our society. On every college campus, there is a list of complaints. Some of these complaints can be easily justified qualitatively (ex. The food in the cafeteria is not good enough),… Keep Reading

DaddyGreenJeans: not your typical “local scenester” band

  Classifying themselves as an “improv/jam/rock/funk/blues mixture,” the band DaddyGreenJeans, based out of Trenton, consists of Louie Borcsik (Guitar), Kevin Rovner (Guitar), Tim “Lenny” Rura (Bass) and Adam Gray (Drums). They released their self titled debut in 2008, with the next album having a planned release date for May 2013. Borcsik and Rovner are both… Keep Reading


Google Glass: man and machine coming together

  Star Trek’s Borg were my favorite bad guys as a child. Half-organic, half-machine, bionic implants and cold, calculating disposition made them everything that humanity is not. With their systematic “assimilation” (read: annihilation) of every species they met, they were a delight to hate. Why then, am I so excited about Google Glass, which looks… Keep Reading

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