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Mercer’s new smoke-free campus policy causes controversy

  Effective January 1, 2013, Mercer is a smoke-free campus. Almost two months since the new smoking policy went into effect, the college community is still trying to adapt to the new environment. Before January 1, students, faculty and staff had access to smoking huts around campus where they would gather throughout the day.  With… Keep Reading


Making Mercer a smoke-free campus was the wrong choice

On January 1, 2013, a controversial campus-wide smoking ban took effect at Mercer. When the policy was announced, a few students said they appreciated the idea of a less smoky environment, but the majority either didn’t care about it or were against it. Those who opposed the policy naturally included smokers, but also included students… Keep Reading



The “smoking huts” are gone, and with them, a lot of MCCC’s community. Killing time between classes, for much of Mercer’s student body, used to be a no-brainer: hang out at the smoking huts, get in a debate with students, meet new people, and waste time with dignity. Now we just need a new way… Keep Reading


SEX ED: What’s in your wallet?

NOTE: With this article The VOICE debuts our SEX ED feature. Based on sad findings in a sex survey of Mercer students taken in the fall 2012, the editors worked together to devise a way to address the shamefully inadequate education our students have received about how to care for their sexual health.  Then the… Keep Reading

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