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Fifty Shades of Feminist Nightmare

Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel by E.L. James, and the latest in lame trends that have taken our country by storm. While usually it is the hearts of teenage girls that the pop culture universe targets by advertising yet-sexually incompetent teenagers with gender-neutral haircuts as sex icons, James’s Fifty Shades trilogy is targeting… Keep Reading


Princeton’s PJ’s Pancakes

  Written by: Britt Curry   PJ’s Pancake House, located right on Nassau Street in Princeton, has the perfect cozy atmosphere and large portions to make it a delightful place to stop for breakfast. Despite the growing Saturday morning crowd, getting a seat right away was not a problem. The seat was located right next… Keep Reading


Mercer’s student restaurant good fare, great price

This semester, students in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management program have presented several “restaurants” in the eatery space in ES 111. They have created meals that can be enjoyed by students, faculty and the broader community for 8, 10 and 12 dollars respectively. Patrons have been able to enjoy high caliber meals that are… Keep Reading


Mercer men’s soccer team comes from behind to win

  Written by: Steven Bassin What looked to be a season of dis- appointment and failure turned around for the Mercer men’s Vi- kings soccer team that ended the season with a regional champion- ship. The Vikings soccer team is lead by first year coach Wid- marc Dalce. Dalce comes from Haiti. He was a… Keep Reading


REVIEW: Mercer fitness center vs. the competition

  The Mercer fitness center is free to students and staff, costs $35 per month for locals and includes a multi-purpose workout area for strength training and cardio, a swimming pool, and large basket- ball gymnasium. The VOICE set out to review the school’s fitness center and to see how it stacks up to other… Keep Reading


Three years later…still waiting for Wi-Fi expansion on campus

  Written by: Matthew Grant Arnold and Emily Lukasewycz   Wireless service at Mercer remains limited after the three years expansion plan. In the April 13, 2009 VOICE article titled “Waiting for Wi-Fi Expansion at Mercer” written by Zachary Hendrick, the Executive Director for Information and Technology Services Susan Bowen told The VOICE “one of… Keep Reading

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