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December 2012


Philly’s POD Restaurant provides pricey pan-asian perfection

Once in a while spending some extra cash on a great meal is worth every penny, especially when the restaurant’s décor is equally as awesome as the food. Pod is one of those restaurants. Pod is among many restaurants in the Starr Restaurant Organization. According to, SRO was founded by Steven Starr in 1995… Keep Reading


The complex world of prostitution in Trenton

 Written by: Jamie Strickland, Stephen Harrison and Laura Pollack                                 In a year when the Violence Against Women Act is once more being discussed in Washington and individuals like Malala Yousafzai are making headlines around the globe, what is the… Keep Reading


To cure poverty, empower women

During the most recent presidential election cycle, pundits on both sides of the political aisle insisted that voters paid too much attention to “social issues” and not enough attention to economic issues. The truth is that the “social issues” often are economic issues, a fact made clear in our cover page story on the forces… Keep Reading


Mercer students work more than peers at four-year colleges

Written by: Zac Santanello and Dan Povio   According to a survey conducted by The VOICE, students at Mercer County Community College are more likely to work longer hours at a job outside of school than students at local 4 year universities such as The College of New Jersey. Jose Rodriguez, a student and Vice… Keep Reading


Do students with learning disabilities get the support they need?

Mercer has a total of 650 of students with unique learning needs. These students have various re- sources within the college, from tutoring to special accommodations, to help them succeed in their academics. The only thing missing is well prepared professors to handle these studentsneeds in class. The VOICE conducted a survey of 16 professors… Keep Reading

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