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Is Mercer building a death star?

Mercer’s plans to build an enormous, giaganto, humungous, whoppin’ ass solar field on the farmland surrounding the college, received blowback from some locals, but ultimately the college got the go ahead. Those opposed to the project, whose objection was printed as an open letter to the community in the May 14, 2012 issue of The… Keep Reading


Michelle Obama sold out for Princeton donor dinner

By all accounts, Michelle Obama didn’t like Princeton that much when she came to the college as an undergrad, but that didn’t stop her coming back to Princeton on September 23 to fund-raise at a dinner hosted by the President of Princeton University Investment Company also known as PRINCO. Sure, the president needs wealthy donors… Keep Reading


A professor’s sudden absence vexes college but not students

  Mercer professor Dr. Renee Walker appears to have stopped teaching her classes several weeks into the fall semester. Although the online catalog indicates she is teaching a regular course load for Fall 2012, her students say they have not seen her in weeks and that substitutes are now covering her classes. “She didn’t give… Keep Reading


Viking men’s soccer team struggles at the start of the season

Mercer’s men’s soccer team lost again on Saturday, September 29 when they played at home against Louisburg College’s Hurricanes from North Carolina. The Hurricanes beat the Vikings 1-0. So far the Vikings have lost seven out of the 11 games they’ve played since the soccer season began in late August. The Viking men’s team has… Keep Reading

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