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October 2012


14,000 Mercer students’ private information accessed

Written by: Laura Pollack and Mariana Braz A security breach of Mercer’s student data files took place on August 24, 2012 according to a letter that was sent out to more than 14,000 students on September 28. From Mercer’s computer lab, the student was able to access the personal information, including social security numbers. According… Keep Reading


Handicap access at Mercer: is there a problem?

In 1990, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as to integrate them into society. State and local government agencies, which include public colleges like Mercer, are required to provide access to their facilities so that they do not discriminate against individuals with physical… Keep Reading


Could your home tattoo make you sick?

According to the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Hepatitis C infects more Americans than any other infectious disease, with around 3.2 million current cases. New research is suggesting a possible link between Hepatitis C and home tattooing, a practise that is particularly common among Mercer students. A recent VOICE survey of 35… Keep Reading


New law makes it easier to fire NJ teachers

Written by: Mariana Braz and Laymon Flack All K-12 teachers and students at public schools in New Jersey will be affected by the new tenure law signed by Governor Chris Christie on August 6. The Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey Act (TEACHNJ) is intended to upgrade the oldest tenure law… Keep Reading


Adjunct professors: Valued assets or disposable laborers?

  Most students cannot tell if the instructor teaching their class is a full-time professor who has worked at the college for years, or a part-time professor who comes in once a week to teach a single class. In fact, part-time instructors also known as adjuncts, out number full-timers almost four to one at Mercer.… Keep Reading

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