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Homeless youth benefit from 500 mile local charity bike ride

“It’s hard when you are cold and don’t have a place to sleep at night and know you can’t go home,” said Felix Green, outreach counselor at Anchor House, an organization that has been helping homeless and at risk youth and their families since 1978. Prior to calling Anchor House his employer, Green called it… Keep Reading


To raise money for Special Olympics, a dip in the icy Atlantic

Nearly 6,000 beach-goers gathered on the coast of the Jersey shore on February 25, 2012 to participate in the “Polar Bear Plunge.” By jumping through treacherous winter waves and bearing the freezing, bone-chilling winds in Seaside Heights, avid supporters of the Special Olympics of New Jersey raised well over 1.4 million dollars for the non-profit… Keep Reading


Mercer’s strongest students now have a place to study

Two years ago Mercer’s Honors Lounge was forced out of its location in the Liberal Arts building to make room for the satellite office of William Paterson University. Space has been tight on campus, and Mercer’s best students did not have a specific study area for several semesters. As of February 8, a new Honors… Keep Reading


Reclusive student finds his voice

Richard H. (he asked not to have his full name used for this article) doesn’t shake hands nor does he touch Mercer’s computer keyboards. Instead, he has grown accustomed to giving awkward fist bumps for greetings and wearing mechanic’s gloves to face the computers and quiet his fear of germs. Richard struggles with paranoia, the… Keep Reading


With gay marriage veto Christie puts equal rights up for vote

On Thursday, February 16, NJ’s Assembly passed a bill with a vote of 24-16, to legalize same sex marriage statewide. Governor Chris Christie, as promised, vetoed the bill shortly after it arrived in his office. Some do not believe that Christie vetoed the bill due to his being anti-gay, but because of his political ambitions… Keep Reading


Students see advantages in eBook readers

Nick Occhipenti couldn’t wait any more for his Consumer Orientation textbook to arrive at Mercer’s bookstore. “Every time I went back, they were out.” So he decided to forgo not only the bookstore, but the print edition altogether. Occhipenti downloaded a digital edition of the text from’s Kindle market, and in doing so, not… Keep Reading

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