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February 2012


FICTION: Muddy Heart

“Muddy Heart” The paramedics did not know when the artery burst. They did know it was the femoral, and they had less than five minutes to keep the man alive. A crucial minute had already been spent locating the wound. This involved taking off the now worthless attire meant to protect the rider. The helmet… Keep Reading


Ellen DeGeneres supported by unusual allies

I must extend a personal –and completely serious– thanks to the conservative anti-gay organization “One Million Moms”. Ellen DeGeneres, in addition to being a highly successful day time talk show host, was recently announced as an official spokesperson for JC Penney. However, “One Million Moms” has demanded that JC Penney drop Ellen as a sponsor,… Keep Reading


Mercer students are straight up lazy

Sure, there are campus-wide emails sent out written in Comic Sans font, grammar mistakes on flyers in the hallways, and more bureaucracy than a government office, but those are not the real reasons Mercer students skip classes or don’t turn in assignments. The real reason is laziness and a lack of motivation. Students can only… Keep Reading


Washington crosses the Delaware for the 59th time

Every Christmas day since 1953 hundreds of re-enactors and  spectators have made their way to the sides of the Delaware river to watch the annual re-enactment of General George Washington and his army’s crossing on December 25, 1776. Budget cuts at the park have been offset by the efforts of a volunteer group named The… Keep Reading


Go see “The Grey” NOW!

The Grey is the only thing that isn’t dreary this winter, as Director Joe Carnahan (The A-Team)kicks the usual January lineup in the teeth with his newest release. Starring Liam Neeson (as John Ottway), five guys who aren’t Liam Neeson, and a pack of pissed off Timber wolves, The Grey scrapes its way through the… Keep Reading

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