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Running down a dream

Mercer will be introducing a women’s cross country team in fall 2010. The team will be coached by Erin Cahill, an administrative specialist in the athletics office at Mercer. Cahill holds a Master’s degree in Physical Education from TCNJ, where she ran on the varsity cross country team. Cahill says she intends to recruit runners… Keep Reading


Tuition hike hits students where it hurts

Starting this summer, Mercer is raising tuition by $8 per credit which works out to about a $240 per year increase for full-time students. On the surface this may not seem like much, but the hike comes at the same time as Governor Christie slashes education funding to close a gaping state budget deficit of… Keep Reading


Faculty Profile: Professor Lucas Kelly

“People have an idea of what art is and it usually involves this blessed group of people that have been gifted this magic that no one else can learn. I don’t believe that; [art is] a learned skill,” says Lucas Kelly, art professor at Mercer. Kelly carries this concept into his approach to teaching: “When… Keep Reading


A source of hope for those struggling with self-injury

Whether intricately drawn or simply written, the word “love” was scrawled across the forearms of many students on November 13, the goal being to bring awareness to the issue of suicidal thoughts, self-mutilation and addiction, and its sufferers. The support movement is lead by the non-profit known as “To Write Love On Her Arms” (TWLOHA).… Keep Reading

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